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1973-2010 Lars Petter Røed Publication List fron 1973 - 2010
Spring 2010 John K Hall and Yngve Kristoffersen A Hovercraft For Marine Geophysical Work Off Canada's Northermost Frontier

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01.03.2010 Linda Jakobson China Prepares for an Ice Free Artic
05.03.2010 Susan Solomon
24.03.2010 Lennart Bengtsson Climate Change as a Political Problem
00.00.2010 Navigation News Polar Navigation for Research: Then and Now
00.00.2010 Audun Sien,1,7 Leif Egil Loe,2 Atle Mysyerud,2 Torbjøn Severinsen,3 Jack Kohler,4
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Icing events trigger range displacement in a high-arctic ungulate
16.11.2009 Chen Lin-Ling, Ola M Johannessen, Kirill Khvorostovsky, and Wang Hui-Jun Greenland ice sheets elevation change in winter and influence of atmospheric teleconnections in the Northern Hemisphere
30.10.2009 Fiona Harvey The greening of Greenland
00.09.2009 John K. Hall and Yngve Kristoffersen The R/H Sabvabaa—A research hovercraft for marine geophysical
work in the most inaccessible area of the Arctic Ocean
00.09.2009 In depth magazine Griffon design for geophysical work in the Arctic Ocean
25.09.2009 Yngve Kristoffersen Luftputebåten henter opp de norgligste berg
00.00.2009 Yongqi Gao, Helge Drange , Ola M. Johannessen, Lasse H. Pettersson

Sources and pathways of 90Sr in the North Atlantic–Arctic region: present day and global warming

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Extensive local seabed disturbance, erosion and
mass wasting on Alpha Ridge, Central Arctic Ocean: possible evidence for an extra-terrestrial impact?

16.11.2008 Ola M. Johannessen

Decreasing Arctic sea ice mirrors increasing CO2 on decadal time scale  

08.07.2008 John K. Hall¹, and Yngve Kristoffersen² A Hovercraft for Marine Geophysical Research in the Inaccessible High Arctic
13.06.2008 Svalbard Posten Inn I Isen På En Pute Av Luft
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Radioactivity and pollution in the Nordic sea and Arctic regions  

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