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The world’s only scientific academy that concentrates on the polar regions and related challenges within all scientific disciplines and in an international perspective. The academy is located in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, on 78° north and welcomes distinguished researchers from all over the world as members.


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New management plan for Eastern Svalbard

The Governor of Svalbard and the Ministry of Environment has since 2010 worked on a new management plan for East Svalbard. The Change proposals have received a lot of
attention, and NVP has now submitted its consultative letter.

Read our comments on the plan here, unfortunately only in Norwegian. Please contact the secretariat for a translation.



Press Release 02.10.2012

The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research (NVP) - founded 27 March 2008 - held its 4th Annual Meeting in Longyearbyen 20 September 2012. The Academy's purpose is "...



Overall Strategy and Action Plan

The Annual General Meeting unanimously approved The Academy's General strategy and action plan for 2012 - 2014.



2012 Annual meeting

The Annual Meeting and associated seminar was success fully held September 20 to 21. Minutes will be sent out to all members and posted here on the website as soon as they are completed and signed.




The FRAM-2012 expedition examines the oldest sediments in the Arctic Ocean.  The expedition is associated with the Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research.


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Prof. Ola M. Johannessen-Nansensenteret - August 2010 Petermanns flytende isshelf ”brekker opp”

Linda Jakobson - March 2010 - "China Prepares for an Ice Free Artic"

Prof. Lennart Bengtsson – 24 March 2010 - “ Climate Change as a Political Problem”  

  • Annual meeting September 20-21