- a Norwegian expedition 116 years after Fridtjof Nansen’s Fram-journey


FRAM-2012 is a test run towards the ultimate goal, which is to examine the oldest sediments in the Arctic Ocean that an asteroid impact has uncovered in the crestal regions of the Alpha Ridge.

The specific purposes of the expedition are:

  • to explore the geological environment along the polar continental margin north of Svalbard before 60 million years ago by collecting geological samples from the slope of the Lomonosov Ridge:
  • to register the first continuous measurement of the profile thickness of sea ice from     Svalbard to the North Pole:
  • to document an operational strategy that will make it possible for Norwegian      researchers to have a future continuous research north of the marginal ice zone.


Responsible institution:

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center, (NERSC) Bergen,Norway

Expedition Leader: Professor Yngve Kristoffersen, University of Bergen, Norway / NERSC
Participant Student:

Gaute Hope, Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen, Norway

Associated institution:

The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research, Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Financial support: The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Stavanger, Norway


Follow the expedition by the daily and weekly reports:


Cruise plan    
Report no 3 - week 29 Report no 10 - week 30 Report no 17- week 31
Report no 25 - week 32 Report no 34- week 33 Report no 43- week 34
Report no 49 - week 35 Report no 55 - week 36 Report no 61 - week 37
Report no 66 - week 38    
Report no 67 -24.09.2012 Report no 68 -25.09.2012 Report 69 -26-27.09.2012
Report no 70 -28.09.2012 Report no 71 -29.09.2012 Report no 72 -30.09.2012


Greetings from Lance and Falk-Petersen Film on the FRAM-2012 expedition VG reportasje 31.08.2012
Press release from NERSC - norwegian only    


Published 15.07.2012

Text: Kine Stiberg

Photos: Yngve Kristoffersen